Wedding story – a true fairytale

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A Truly Fairy-tale Wedding – story of one Bellingen Shire local couple’s wedding day told by Marriage Celebrant Leonie Watson

A young local man, whose name reflected the local character of this town, approached me about his upcoming wedding. He invited me out to meet with him and his intended on a rainy, cloudy and muddy night. But after walking around some fields, with grass tickling at my feet and rainbows of lights everywhere, it became apparent I wasn’t going to find them. However a couple of days later, and remembering a minimum of 1 month’s notice was required, we managed set out the arrangements so the wedding could take place before his fiancé had to catch a plane. Somewhere between discussions and paperwork I heard the words ‘fairy-tale wedding’…”Oh can I please get dressed up?” I begged? “Well of course you can…!” Fairy Godmother came to mind…but I settled on the wicked queen, which suited me much better! On the big day I handed the bride an apple, which she of course bit into then delicately fainted into the arms of the best man. True love’s kiss was given by her new husband. The costumes at this wedding were full of delicious silks and satins of every hue, top hats, bunny ears and jesters. And the location was a beach on a sunny winter’s afternoon. I love how couples allow themselves to incorporate a little theatre on their wedding day that reflects their personality. This is made all the more special by our diverse local community who support and love them for it.

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