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To whom it may concern: Testimonial for I Love Bello Shire’s Rod and Jo Keers

I write in the capacity of President of the Bellingen Community Arts Council in support of the work Rod and Jo Keers have done in establishing I Love Bello Shire. I can’t stress enough what a huge difference this initiative has made to the Bellingen Shire. Prior to this, there was not one single reliable, current website or Facebook page in the Shire to promote events and festivals. Not only was it such a haphazard and frustrating experience to try to promote online, hardly anyone knew about what did exist, or if they did, didn’t bother to go there as so much of the material was so out of date. There was no subscription e-newsletter. I know how hard Jo and Rod have worked to get I Love Bello Shire off the ground and into the quality and highly anticipated event that it now is. And rather than focus only on commercial potential, they have provided free publicity for community organisations such as the Community Arts Council and the events it runs such as the Bellingen Fine Music Festival and the regular art exhibitions. Not only have they provided this opportunity, they actively initiate contact if they know something is coming up and then assist in the design of material. About 18 months ago, our Nexus Community Art Gallery was struggling to meet its quite significant costs. Now it is thriving again. We attribute this, in part, to the publicity opportunities afforded by I Love Bello Shire.  We are extremely supportive of the work of I Love Bello Shire and proud to partner with Rod and Jo through our publications and promotions.

Dr Rosie Wickert . President, Bellingen Community Arts Council.

I love Bello Shire has been an integral part of our promotion for the Bellingen Agricultural Show for the last 2 years. This promotion has allowed us to reach a far wider, targeted audience than we would have been able to achieve by using more traditional media avenues. Rod and Jo have been innovative and proactive in their approach to marketing the event and this has resulted in an increase in audience numbers over this period. We hope to continue our excellent relationship with the team at I Love Bello Shire into the future.

Ted Greenwood President
Bellinger River Agricultural Society Ltd BELLINGEN SHOW


To Whom it May Concern,

I write this on behalf of the Bellingen Shire Youth HUB . The Bellingen Youth HUB is a successful and thriving centre for 12 to 24 year old youth in the Bellingen Shire, that provides a range of services and activities including a health clinic, youth workers, youth case management, counselling, music, creative arts and various initiatives to support our local youth. The key to our success has been the incredible support and collaboration from the Bellingen Shire community, its local businesses and community groups. The “I Love Bello Shire” team is one of those wonderful supporters. Their promotion and support of our events and services mean the young people get to know what’s available, when its on and then most importantly, be able to attend. I Love Bello Shire recognise that great value of our youth and have been tremendously supportive of all our programs that run for the wellbeing of our community. They have boldly started an excellent initiative that really contributes to our community, and we cannot endorse their commitment to our local community enough.

Dean Besley – Coordinator Bellingen Shire Youth Centre


Rod Keers and his team from “I Love Bello Shire” have been a wonderful support to Bellingen Community Markets. We particularly love it when they join us on the day, talking to and filming the many colourful and happy characters. Its fantastic to have their detailed and interesting online information come to our inbox once a week. It keeps the community informed and aware. Thanks Rod and keep up the great work!



Many thanks for helping us to advertise the Coffs Harbour City Orchestra Concert which took place last Sunday in the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre, Nambucca Heads. The CHC orchestra relies on the proceeds of these concerts for their financial viability and future development. You helped us attract a full house so the event was a huge success. You are helping to keep the orchestra going!!! Many of the musicians are Bellingen residents so a particular thanks from them. However – nothing is ever achieved without the magic of publicity and that’s down to you all.

Marlene Griffin, Rural Australians for Refugees, 26th June 2018


I just want to say thanks again for putting out such great quality local content. I read every e-news that you put out, and it’s always full of genuinely interesting bits and pieces. It’s so important for our little community. Thanks for all your hard work. This year we started doing e-news cross promotion with the other local festivals, like Bello Winter Music and Curryfest. I’d love to look at sending our subscribers your way by promoting ILBS on our SWIFF e-news blasts. If we’re going to get serious about having good locally driven and free communications infrastructure, then we’ve got to learn how to share. Regional cultural festival marketing budgets are stretched too thin to be sustainable. We’re putting together the next SWIFF at the moment. Let me know if you’d like to be part of it again this year.

Dave Horsley, Screenwave, 19th June 2018

Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre has been working with Rod Keers, administrator of the www.ilovebelloshire.com website since 2017 to keep the Community part of the directory on the site up to date. The I Love Bello Shire website is an excellent resource for residents, visitors, business and service networks etc to stay current with what’s happening and available across the Bellingen Shire. The Neighbourhood Centre established a printed community directory over 20 years ago and that served the community well. However, updating it was quite resource intensive and it was a challenge to keep the hard copy directory current as information changes constantly, especially contact details for local community groups and organisations. It is so much easier to have access to the directory online for updating community information and to add new groups. The contact page is very accessible for the groups and organisations who just submit their new information then the Centre staff can log in and easily make the changes to update the online directory. There are lots of benefits to working in partnership with Rod to maintain the community directory on the I Love Bello Shire site. It is much more cost effective for the Neighbourhood Centre and it makes sense for there to be one repository of information through a website that extends the reach of lots of information about Bellingen Shire well beyond that which the Centre could achieve with the print copy. Moreover, there is no need to re-print the directory when changes occur so there are environmental benefits too. The I Love Bello Shire website is appealing to look at and the directory is user friendly. Rod is always accessible to answer any questions we have; he is patient and stays friendly even when rung in the middle of the night while overseas and there was a big time difference between there and Bellingen!

Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre is keen to continue working with Rod and doing our bit to keep the community directory up-to-date. Great work Rod and the I Love Bello Shire team.