We are a vibrant, prosperous and inclusive community supported by a strong and sustainable local economy. Our Community Vision 2030 plan will take a cooperative approach in building networks and relationships with our neighbouring LGAs, Industry & Community Associations and State and Federal Agencies.

We have meaningful work and vibrant businesses within our community

  • Our community has a diversity of businesses and new industries
  • We have innovative and alternative local trading systems
  • Businesses within our Shire are ethical and sustainable
  • We have the public infrastructure to appropriately support business activity
  • We are a disaster resilient community
  • Our families are able to support themselves locally
  • We have balanced, sustainable tourism
  • Our Shire offers a broad range of experiences for visitors
  • Our regional tourism assets are enhanced
  • Our tourism providers strive for sustainable operations
  • We have a sustainable local farming sector that provides us with healthy, fresh food
  • Agriculture is a valued part of our economy
  • Local food – growing, processing, sharing and education initiatives are supported and developed
  • Alternative farming systems are employed with examples including cooperative farming and Landshare
  • Farming practices are financially and environmentally sustainable

Major Employers

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