Let’s Cook with Dina Luciani of ‘FingerPinch Catering’

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Our guest cook Dina Luciani produces Italian food for the Bellingen Shire from her new catering kitchen ‘FingerPinch Catering’.  Dina sources her fresh produce from local suppliers.


Take a 1 kg of FRESH ricotta and squish into a baking dish, leaving bumps and crevices so that now when you pour lots of good olive oil over the top it will seep down into the ricotta. Sprinkle over the top with sea salt and ground white or black pepper. Put into oven around 180, bake till golden on top and feels set.

1…eat straight from the dish whilst still warm

2…make toast, drizzle with more olive oil, thinly sliced pear or peach, go out into the morning sun and enjoy!

3…fresh bread roll, ricotta, rocket, lettuce, cucumber and a tin of tuna, maybe a little dappled shade and bliss out.

4…tomatoes are on, so some sweet little cherry toms roasted in the oven with a sprig of fresh thyme, olive oil, salt, pepper. Beautiful with the baked ricotta!!

5…roast lamb, rocket salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Take a plate- spoon ricotta on top with your baked tomatoes, lamb and rocket on the side, wine of your choice. Settle back after a long day at the office or not…..done!

note…..olive oil: from John and Sue Eastment at ‘Mossgrove’ Dorrigo.
bread: from one of our excellent shire bakeries.
fresh produce: well, your garden or your friends or the many markets in the bello shire.

“be game and don’t measure!”

 Contact: cateringfingerpinch@gmail.com

Dina showi

Dina showing off her home-made Italian sausages.

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