Featured Photographer: Gethin Coles-Edible Media

Featured Photographer

We talk with Gethin Coles of Edible Media about his beginnings and future directions.

What brought you to the Bellingen Shire?
The fruit of my loins (hee hee).

Where did you live and work prior to coming to Bellingen?
Briefly in the Adelaide hills and before that in the East End of London, before that Scotland.

What is your best advice for young photographers?
Become young plumbers: avoid getting asked to work for the fun of it at weddings and parties.  But if you must, try to think about what photography will be like in 10-15 years time – that the commercial stills photographer could go the way of the photojournalist.  Research computational photography.

How would you describe your style/ your approach to your subject matter?
A friend of mine once said I had a knack for making boring things looks interesting.  I guess this has come in handy shooting houses week in week out.  I like finding lovely pics in everyday things

Has anyone or anything really influenced your style?
Technology more than anything.  Photography is part science part art, and its always helped define the aesthetic.  I tend to adapt to the technology rather than trying to force a style on it: when photography was all about chemicals and grain I loved big chunky grain, but adding big chunky grain to a digital photo is somehow totally different).

Best tip for a great photo?
Get up early!

Favourite photographic jobs ?
Those that don’t involve getting up early J.  When it comes to real estate the more rustic, the better.

Have you found your favourite subject matter in the Bellingen Shire?Gethin Coles Urunga Photography Bellingen Dorrigo
My kids.  Poor things.

I know you also love working with film.  What do you love?
I love the fact that when you put one image after another it creates a story;  human beings are very narrative-centric.  I love making beautiful shots, adding that dimension of time to my photography, and I love being silly and coming up with stupid ideas for films I never have time to make.

Any exciting projects on the horizon?
Lots!  Most are over the horizon.  Ironically would love to do a film on flat earthers.  I’m about to get a drone. Australia is fabulous from the air, looking forward to taking that here and there.

How can Shire residents see examples of your work?
Until my new site is finished sometime this millennium, on my flickr and facebook pages.


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