Featured Photographer Clare Colins of Dorrigo

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Renowned Bellingen Shire photographer Clare Colins shares her beautiful photos of our region as our Featured Photographer for March.

What brought you to the Bellingen Shire?
I found bello by the roll of a dice while travelling.  I stayed for the fabulous artistic environment and the friendly, welcoming people and have now settled in the beautiful hamlet of Dorrigo.

Where did you live and work prior to coming to the Bellingen Shire?
I lived and worked on a small organic farm in Queensland photographing farm animals, plants and the environment.

What is your best advice for young photographers?
Always carry a camera.  Keep only your best shots.

How would you describe your style or your approach to your subject matter?
My style is to meander, to take my camera for an adventure and to sniff out the unusual.  I’m a solo shooter who can get literally lost in time and space.  Some of my best images have occurred when I’ve been ‘lost’.

Bellingen Shire Photographer Clare Colins, I Love Bello Shire, Bellingen, Dorrigo

Drive Slowly Please


Has anyone or anything really influenced your style?
Every great photographer! I learn from everyone.  Most recently the street photography of Vivienne Maier.  I love capturing the emotive moments that reflect human nature.

Best tip for a great photo?
Practice, practice, practice!  Use whatever camera and lens you have with you.  Don’t fuss too much.  Don’t wait too long.

Favourite photographic jobs?
Candid family and group work.  I love photographing kids, especially when they are not looking directly at the camera.  I love capturing the beautiful, soulful, unguarded moments.

Have you found your favourite subject matter in the Bellingen Shire?
I would have to say the people.  But I really love anything that begs to be photographed- macro, street, landscape and still-life.

I know you have had a history of using film and of working in darkrooms.  What is your favourite medium and style now?
I’m loving the fixed wide angle lens of my new camera.  ‘My legs become the zoom lens’.  It’s a challenge to get in close and relate personally to the people and the picture I want to take.  I also love the ‘digital darkroom’ – Lightroom and Photoshop – cleaner and much less smelly.

Any exciting projects on the horizon?

How can Shire residents see examples of your work?
My art: http://www.redbubble.com/people/colinsart/portfolio

Bellingen Shire Photographer Clare Colins, I Love Bello Shire, Bellingen, Dorrigo

A man, his dogs and the cattle


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