Creative Relating with Frances Amaroux

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Frances Amaroux, Creative Relating, Love Coach, I Love Bello Shire, Abundance Dorrigo, Bellingen

Local relationship counsellor Frances Amaroux will be providing the insightful workshop ‘Creative Relating’ at ‘Abundance- A Celebration of Generosity’ in Dorrigo over the weekend March 31st until April 2nd.  The whole idea for this festival came about as the eclectic group of organisers were lamenting the fact that our societies are anchored in money-based economies and our sense of security is connected to having “real” money.  So what if…

“What if we could create an event where we could all discover something new about the people we think we know? What if we create an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light? What if we give our own unique gifts and receive the gifts of others and build a stronger sense of community? What if we support each other’s dreams and intentions? What if we live in communities where human creativity is our currency? 
And the idea to celebrate generosity and focus on the abundance we have came naturally.”

The result is over 30 sessions, workshops and offers of healing – and all given as a gift. Totally free.  Frances saw this as an opportunity to share her knowledge about creating strong, well nourished relationships.  “We live in interesting times and many people seem to be struggling with their relationships. But what if there were some simple tools you could learn that make all the difference?”
Frances has more than 26 years experience as a relationship counsellor and has provided this service in the Bellingen Shire for more than 10 years.

Frances acknowledges that elements of modern living play havoc with healthy relationships, “the long hours and dog-eat-dog attitude of most workplaces seems almost perfectly designed to undermine healthy relationships, while TV and mass media don’t help much in giving people positive blueprints about what works in modern relationships.”  And the ‘time honoured’ adage “it take a village to raise a child” is essential in her opinion, “our nuclear and single families are often put under enormous pressure.”

‘Creative Relating’ will provide workshop participants with “an understanding of what commitment truly means in relationships and some foundational skills in communicating and organising your relationships.”   Frances sees the the simplest and most profound tool in ensuring that a relationship continues to be nourished is a “win-win attitude.”  “Everything you say and do, and agree to, is based on you BOTH winning and succeeding. That includes housework, childcare and money issues. Also having precise information on what makes each other feel most loved, and then committing to doing it, is incredibly valuable.”  And the most valuable take home message?  “Choose wisely from the beginning – play win-win – get in early to clear up issues – and never take each other for granted, ie nurture the relationship on a daily basis.”

So, whether single and wanting to choose the right partner this time … or coupled, and wanting to bring back the zing in your long-term relationship, this interactive workshop will open your eyes to new possibilities.

Frances Amaroux’s services can be found at

France Amaroux, Creative Relating, I Love Bello Shire, Bellingen

Frances Amaroux ‘The Love Coach’.

For more information about Abundance- A Celebration of Generosity.

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