Dorrigo Country Woman’s Association

Dorrigo CWA members are a group of friendly, caring women who conduct craft days, explore customs across the world at their International Days, and raise funds to support their local initiatives: Encouragement Awards for Dorrigo students, a Year 11 Scholarship for a Dorrigo High student, provision of premises, equipment and maintenance of the Dorrigo Early Childhood Centre (Baby Health Centre) and support for Dorrigo Community Day Care. All women are welcome to join.

Membership provides friendship and learning opportunities and the satisfaction of supporting the wider work of CWA across the state and worldwide in lobbying governments in matters relevant to women, and supporting a Medical Research Fund and a Disaster Relief Fund.

Meeting Times: 2nd Thursday of the month at 10.30 am. Membership is open to all women. (from website)

22 Cudgery St
02 6657 5283