Backchat: Rebecca Beaton- Riverside Holiday Resort Urunga

Rod from I Love Bello Shire chats with Rebecca Beaton of Riverside Holiday Resort Urunga about her role as manager and what she loves about the Bellingen Shire

Rebecca Beaton has been managing the Riverside Holiday Resort Urunga for the past 5 years and knows she is on to a good thing.  “We have a fantastic team at Riverside Resort and it makes coming to work a pleasure. I enjoy meeting new people and providing them with great accommodation, an experience and memories they will never forget.  And just look at our setting- we are surrounded in such natural beauty and pristine waterways.  I couldn’t ask for more,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca calls herself a Urunga local these days.  “I’ve been living here for 13 years.  I feel blessed to raise my family in this amazing community,” says Rebecca.  Rod chatted with Rebecca about her job, the prize-winning Resort and life in Urunga.


Urunga Riverside Resort has been busy accepting tourism awards this year. This must be confirmation of a job well done?

It’s really exciting.  We received Gold at the Regional Tourism Awards (self-contained accommodation category), which meant we travelled to Sydney in November for the NSW Tourism Awards where we won Gold for the Best Self Contained Accommodation in the state.  We’ve been recognised for excellence in customer service, value for money and our focus on accessibility. We also got 1st place at the Sunny Business Awards this year in the Accommodation, Hotels, Clubs & Bars category.

Rod from I Love Bello Shire chats with Rebecca Beaton of Riverside Holiday Resort Urunga about her role as manager and what she loves about the Bellingen Shire

Rebecca (on left) accepting the Gold Award at the NSW Tourism Awards 2018.


So what’s new at the Resort?

This time last year we opened our large salt water swimming pool, along with Kayak & Paddle Board hire.  We have updated our BBQ areas and have installed 3 big trampolines.  We also have more facilities to cater for larger groups.  What I’m particularly proud of is our wheelchair accessible accommodation.

So any inside information or unusual stories about a booking or stay?

Where do I begin Hahaha… I am laughing so hard just thinking about this, there have been so many.

One booking that comes to mind, (that’s appropriate for print), would be when we had a large family group come to stay with us, booking 4 units.  The ‘’very small’’ children ran wild and broke every garden light in the complex and then climbed the fence and pulled the pump out of the pond while trying to catch crocodiles. The damage done that weekend was unbelievable. I certainly wasn’t laughing at the time mind you.

Your best memory of childhood was?  

Being a free spirit and not having to pay any bills… I’m sure that’s a Face Book Post I recently shared.

Your best sporting moment was?

I played lots off different sports when I was a kid though wasn’t good at any of them- so no ‘Sporting Moments’ come to mind for me personally. As a Mum though I love Footy season and feel proud to watch my own crew play for the Bellingen/Dorrigo Magpies. “GO BELLO!”

What would you like to be remembered for?

For being a kind and caring person, a great Mum and someone that’s always moving forward and looking at the positive in life.

What are you reading right now?

HA!! I look forward to the day I get time to read more that just a google search or a recipe book.

What are you listening to right now?

Always got the tunes on, always…. Its just the volume and the tempo that differs depending on the time of the day. Right now at 8:57am- Tracey Chapman.

What really annoys you?

Rude, disrespectful humans. I strongly feel that its our duty to build each other up and be there to support each other when needed. And I can’t stand those that tear other people down.

The best lesson your parents taught you?

To work hard every day. Nothing comes free in this world.

The last big belly laugh you had was?

There have been a few lately and it feels good. Sitting around with a few drinks and good friends is always entertainment at its best.

What project are you currently working on?

Building an additional 8 units at our Resort, Tourism Accreditation and getting our accessibility statement on our website… aaahhhh.

How do you relax?  

Relaxing is new to me, I’m still working on this one. But chilling in the sunshine with a cup of tea, or snuggling up to the one I love watching Netflix seems to be working for me right now.

Favourite holiday destination & why?

This is a hard one. With the family… anywhere that the kids are occupied and happy is great. But for me? I want to travel the world and am yet to find my favourite destination.

In the Movie Rebeccagate, who would play you?

Definitely a ‘WARRIOR’. I am a feminist at heart and would lead these strong women to victory!! Ha!

Rod from I Love Bello Shire chats with Rebecca Beaton of Riverside Holiday Resort Urunga about her role as manager and what she loves about the Bellingen Shire

Rebecca Warrior Woman



  • Helen howard says:

    Congratulations Rebecca. Truly a Wonder Woman.

  • Wendy Bennetts says:

    So great to see you looking well and reading about all the great awards Urunga Riverside Resort has won. If all the staff work like you, it is no wonder. We miss you at paddling but can understand why you don’t have time to join us on the water. Keep up the good work and enjoy life.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas Rebecca.

  • Vicki Moore says:

    Congratulations Bec and all you team. The awards are coming thick and fast because of your dedication to excellence.

    Well done and hope you have a very merry christmas and a bit of family time.

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