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I Love Bello Shire interviews Greg Butler of Butlers Pantry Cafe, the new face on Bellingen's Church Street strip

Butlers Pantry is the new face on Bellingen’s Church Street cafe strip, offering a healthy take on some good old staples.  Where most cafes and restaurants offer a few gluten-free options, Butlers Pantry is a dedicated ‘gluten free cafe’, which is bound to make this cafe a very popular option in our town.  “We do offer wheat-bread options as well,” assures Greg Butler, chef and owner.  This relative newcomer to town is an old hand in the kitchen, but definitely has some new tricks and happily shared them with Rod.

How long have you been in the cafe industry?

I started in Kitchens in 1977 and have been in and out for about 15 years in total

Where did you work before Bellingen?

Narooma and the rest of Australia

What brings you to Bellingen?

A new start to an old life.

What’s your signature dish?

Bahn Xeo with Chicken and mushroom.

What’s different about Butlers Pantry?  

I Love Bello Shire interviews Greg Butler of Bellingen's newest cafe Butlers pantry, specialising in Gluten Free fare

Butlers Pantry team

We are a gluten free café with wheat bread options and plenty of vego and vegan options as well.

What do you suggest for my take-away dinner tonight?

Burger with the lot can’t beat it or climb over it

Are you participating in Bello’s Big Deal?

We sure are. Spend $15 or over in our cafe during June to go in the draw to win the prize of an $80 voucher to use at our cafe!

What do you like best about Bellingen?

The people- everyone is a storybook.

Your best memory of childhood was?  

Endless roaming and camping in the bushland around Armidale

Your best sporting moment was?

I always love coaching my kids in soccer, cricket, softball and hockey. Everyone one of these moments were the best

What would you like to be remembered for?

Being the one you can depend on every time.

What are you reading right now?

I’m re-reading Dan Brown’s De Vinci Code.

What are you listening to right now?

Lots of 70’s Rock

What really annoys you?

Rudeness and bullies of any sort.

The best lesson your parents taught you?

I came from a family of 8 kids.  If you want something, get off your butt and work for it.

The last big belly laugh you had was?

At my 3 &5 year old children’s antics everyday

What project are you currently working on?

Our cafe

How do you relax?  

On any bank, on any water, with a line in my hand.

Favourite restaurant in the Shire?

Apart from mine, love the Little Red Kitchen and still working our way through visiting all the cafes and restaurants.

The previous career you wish you could forget?

None- every career I have had has been a building block.

Favourite holiday destination & why?

Tathra, on the south coast.  Almost no phone reception, true tranquility.

In the Movie Greggate, who would play you?

An Angry Robert De Nero

I Love Bello Shire interviewed Greg Butler of Bellingen's newest cafe Butlers Pantry about this gluten free menu

I Love Bello Shire interviewed Greg Butler of Bellingen's newest cafe Butlers Pantry about this gluten free menu

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